The natural beauty of the old-growth garden and the distinctive “kampung” layout of individual pavilions that make up the villa on a large and long piece of land provide a unique holiday offering. An array of tropical plants, ferns, and bougainvillea add to the charm of mature coconut and mango trees. Living spaces and “destinations” to rest and relax are found throughout the property, including a tropical-hardwood sundeck and a private swimming pool. The villa follows traditional Balinese building planning, including a small temple devoted to the Hindu gods and paying homage to the “mother temple” of Besakih, located on the slopes of Mount Agung.

The property is accessed through a driveway from the street, a setback which ensures the villa offers a degree of peace and quiet that can be a challenge to find in today’s Seminyak. Villa Plawa’s entrance opens onto into a private parking area that holds two cars comfortably and more when necessary.

A path that begins beside a freestanding Balinese gate leads north through the property, past the first structure, a charming guest house which contains one of the villa’s four ensuite bedrooms. The guest house offers a degree of privacy from the main house, has its own small terrace, and many guests find its proximity to the entrance useful.

The path leads next to the kitchen and dining pavilion on the west side of the property. To the right and ahead are the other bedrooms and the living pavilion, with the pool and massage bale beyond.

The villa follows the classic architectural vernacular of the island: stone-footed merbau-wood columns and thatched roofs. The thatch is a local grass known as alang-alang which is carefully dried and then painstaking tied by hand to sturdy bamboo supports. All of the rooms except the kitchen have these very high roofs that display intricate Balinese workmanship and dramatically increase the interior space of each room. For rooms that are open air, such as the living and dining room, these high ceilings dramatically assist airflow and magnify breezes.

One great thing about the villa is that it seems to adjust in size and configuration depending on the number of guests. It never seems too big, or too small, even when full of guests and their visitors.


The property is over a quarter of an acre in size, and the villa itself was carefully constructed around magnificent, old-growth coconut and mango trees, some of which are now more than 30 meters (100 feet) tall.

The villa is surrounded by carefully nurtured tropical lushness. Every corner, every wall is bursting with greenery. The island’s rich volcanic soil supports a huge range of plants and flowers that will enchant you every day you stay with us.